Staying Fit without a Fitbit


Today the ladies were discussing, before and after Zumba class on Zoom, how many steps we take during one class and how many calories we burn. This went on for a while, and I signed off. I don’t need a gadget to tell me if I am getting enough exercise.

I have dogs. They need exercise daily. I can’t look at them and say, “Sorry, not today” unless I am sick, sick, sick or it’s storming outside. We walk in light rain and high heat (in the evening). I can’t walk them together since one pulls, and then, the other one pulls. 70-plus pounds of pulling is hard on my neck and shoulders.

So I walk twice, or more likely, walk the bigger, calmer dog and play ball with the smaller puller.

I also do my own gardening. Every week I have two green cans to fill at one house and another green can to fill at the beach. It doesn’t happen weekly, but then I feel bad because I’m paying for it!

I love to dance. I wonder how many steps I’d take in a normal two-to-three-hour dance session with a live band. All I know is that I am ravenous and dead tired when I’m done. Those were the days, which I hope will come back to us soon.

I like to hike, but of course, my senior hiking group disbanded at the beginning of the pandemic. I still get in a few easy hikes now and then with girlfriends. But now, with the pollen, I avoid hiking in the a.m. and can’t eat the Thai food after, at the restaurant they’ve chosen.

Then there’s cleaning. Monday it was the kitchen walk-in pantry. Yesterday and today, it was the spare bedroom. I work in the mornings when my brain is fresh for sorting and discarding or donating. Today I found a CD player with six corroded batteries in it. How long had that been tucked into a cabinet? Who listens to CDs anymore?

I do. 

I found the Michael Jackson Number Ones CD, which I will steal for the ride to the beach tomorrow. The radio stations get iffy after Gilroy, and they are mostly in Spanish.

The yard down there will be filled with branches and pinecones, which the dogs will chew on if I don’t pick them up.  I’ll move a load of stuff from my spare room along with clay pots.  I need to save the huge succulents that the resident gopher has been nibbling on from below. The pots will outsmart Mr. Gopher. I hope the light rains have kept the hands of succulents alive until they each get their own designated pot. I could put the whole plant in a wine barrel, but the car is full.

I have a bag of baseball caps for kids to give my neighbor. She is from El Salvador and is well-connected in Monterey County with organizations that love to get stuff like that. There is a huge population of farm workers, hotel maids and cleaners who can barely cover their food and rent every month. Gifts for their kids are always welcomed.

The caps were free. My neighbor is moving and had a free table going this past week on my dog route. I got the caps, a foam roller, and packaged tissue paper, something different every day.

That’s how I stay fit!

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