So Forgetful

It has happened. I’ve reached the age where I can’t remember anything. Last night I left chorus at 9:15 and hurried home with my green chorus bag. I sat in my chair and watched the news, thinking about going to bed, when I received a text. A friend in the all-women’s small group that had stayed to rehearse after the regular chorus discovered my purse full of money and credit cards, left behind in a high school classroom.

Hurray for chorus angels! Another angel who lives close to me dropped it off ten minutes later, about 11:00 p.m. I’ve never left my purse behind except at home sometimes when I go out shopping. That’s why I hide a credit card in my car, just in case.

Today, as I was paying a stack of bills and sorting out my bills folder, I found a blue passport under my chair, one that expires in 2029. But wait! I just sent off for a new passport because it had expired 4 years ago, right? But this passport said it was still good. How could this be? I was so confused. Had my new passport arrived and the envelope got opened and then the passport put under my chair? The photo was different than the photo I just had taken for $27.00 and sent off with a check for $130.00. The shirt color was wrong.

My daughter has the wedding of a college friend in India next week and discovered that her passport had expired, so she had to pay the $300 fee to have it expedited.

“Your passport has probably expired, too, Mom,” she said.

I found my most recent one (or so I thought) and sent it in for a renewal.

I showed my other daughter. “Should I stop payment on the check?  Is the FBI going to come knocking, asking why I think I need two passports?           

“You’d better not stop payment. That seems like a bad idea.”

How can I forget that I renewed my passport four years ago? Oh, that’s right, the pandemic. It sucked some gray matter right out of my brain.

It’s frustrating to be such a flake, a space cadet, the type I used to make fun of. I am now one of them.

It’s only going to get worse.  The good news is that my chorus isn’t allowed to use music during our performances. I have to memorize twelve songs, all the notes, the timing, and the words. All those words! It might help me hang on to some of the gray matter that I have left.

Some days I feel good about my brain function. Today is not one of them.

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