What the Fluff? Rescue Dog Anniversary

I brought Daisy home the day after Christmas, just one month ago. She was shy at the rescue place, but my bigger dog, Pepper, liked her right off the bat. Pepper and Daisy hit it off and didn’t growl at each other.
Yeah. They saved that for the drive home.
Pepper didn’t like the strange dog in the crate and let me know about it as I took the freeway the 12 miles home.
Daisy didn’t like the crate that first night when I locked her into it. She made a point to wiggle her way out of it. In the morning, the locks were still latched.
Pepper didn’t like Daisy near her food bowl. Daisy didn’t like Pepper near my chair. Pepper got aggressive over a tennis ball. Daisy wouldn’t relent. Pepper weighs three times as much. Now Daisy has a little scar on her head. It’s healed up, but her hair may never grow there again.
I walk the two dogs daily (or rather, they pull me up the hill). Daisy needs to be trained in everything except how to sit (I did that) and where to pee (the last owner did that). When we were almost done with our walking loop yesterday, and the dogs were calmed down, a dog grooming truck drove by, called What the Fluff?. I don’t need to have my dogs groomed, because they shed their hairs all over my house in both black and white. But if I had to groom them, I would definitely use What the Fluff?.
The strength training instructor mentioned today that the cost of grooming her two dogs is $165.00. That’s a lot of dog biscuits. But at least she doesn’t need to buy a Roomba, like I did. It set me back $400, and it does a great job sucking up the dog hairs.
The instructor has to have the dogs groomed often. I only need to buy a Roomba once. But I did have to buy two more dog beds and tons of treats to train the new girl. The vet said to have lots of resources available, so the dogs won’t fight.
My arms and shoulders are getting a work-out. It’s my additional strength training.
When the two dogs go to doggie heaven, I will be in my seventies. Then it will be time for a lap dog and assisted living somewhere. Maybe by then the dog will be a robot, and it will dispense my pills and double as my caregiver.
It wouldn’t be the same — a robot dog, but it would be efficient.
For one thing, it would never shed.

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