Uh Oh, No Spaghettios

It was a normal weekend, except the microwave died. It still sounded like it was working, but nothing was getting hot.
It was a normal weekend, except I had to buy a TV. A big one, to replace the 55 inch set that lost its color, minus purple and green. It died the day of the Golden Globe Awards. I was upset that night, since I wouldn’t get to see the actresses’ beautiful dresses. The next day I read that all the women wore black for the #Me Too/Time’s Up campaign, so it turned out my TV had been just fine.
It was a normal weekend, except that my youngest called. Her phone calls were becoming less and less frequent, unless of course she needed money. And guess what? Her physics class had set her back $1600. Yes, the job would pay for it, AFTER they saw her grade. That wouldn’t be until May. In the meantime, she was short on her rent. And her car battery died, so she had to go to the grocery store by Uber.
Then the ex called. That was not normal at all. The ex never calls, as in never. He wanted me to co-sign for our son’s apartment, whose lease is up. I finally got to tell off the ex about undermining my efforts to have our son get a summer job in high school ten years before. As in, “Remember when you said XXXX?”
Then I tried to turn in the bad TV to ewaste, only the ewaste place was gone. Then I tried to donate it to a thrift store.
“A projection TV?” the young guy said. “We don’ take those.”
“It still works, “I said, “except the colors are wonky.”
“Sorry,” the guy said.
Then I went to see I Tonya. I am trying to see the indy movies winning awards. I’d just seen Ladybird. FYI, Tonya Harding had a shitty life, except for the triple Lutz thing. As far as Nancy Kerrigan goes, I think Tonya didn’t play a part in the knee clubbing. Go see it if you don’t believe us.
Then I went to Lucky’s and asked where the Spaghettios were.
“Aisle 4,” the clerk said.
“Could you show me?” I said. “Because I’ve already looked there.”
The clerk hobbled down aisle 4, and he didn’t find them.
“Discontinued,” he said.
“What? No Spaghettios? No – o – o – o – o!”
My youngest had requested them in her care box, since she has no working car and no money for rent.
Then I took my sis to physical therapy on the wrong day. Just walking from the parking lot to the office was enough PT for her.
All in all, things weren’t going so well.
But that’s okay. I got to go dancing Friday night, and tonight I get to sing.
It’s all in your perspective.
Plus I found Spaghettios at CVS, and they were on sale!

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