Worst Chaperone Ever

After two years of teaching high school Spanish in Ashland, Nebraska, I wanted to do for my students what my high school teacher had done for me – take them to Mexico. This wasn’t a trip over the border to Tijuana. This was a ten-day trip to Mexico City, including Aztec ruins. I recruited four… Continue reading Worst Chaperone Ever

Worst Moment of Fame Ever

My oldest child was almost twelve when Michael, the local book store owner, hand-sold me a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. “Trust me. It’s going to be huge!” he said. I looked at the thick book and wondered if my daughter would really get through it. But she was my reader, so… Continue reading Worst Moment of Fame Ever

Worst Customers Ever

Being in retail for twelve years was my eye opener to the range of intelligence of the general public. I thought I’d seen and heard it all teaching public school for ten years, but I was, oh, so very wrong. These people made my remedial English 8th graders of yesteryear look like down-right geniuses. The… Continue reading Worst Customers Ever

You Can Take the Girl Out of Iowa . . .

At the end of my ten-week student teaching in Venezuela, one of the teachers said that I could interview to come back to teach at Campo Alegre the following year. She said they were always looking for American teachers. “You can stay with me during the summer,” she said, “until you get your apartment.” The… Continue reading You Can Take the Girl Out of Iowa . . .