Worker Woes in Monterey

I went down to my little beach house to see how the trees came out after the tree trimmers did their work and how the new fences turned out after the fence company built them.  I hadn’t been there in person because of my dogs. I trusted that the companies I hired would do a good job.

The tree company had put me off three times on their schedule. The owner’s wife said Raul would be the best one with the coastal oaks. I have a feeling Raul was sick the day they trimmed my trees. Whoever cleaned up the coastal oaks left lots of stubby branches, some the diameter of a salad plate. They didn’t cut the tree back to a “V,” a fork in the branches. Instead limbs were chopped, mid-air. The limbs weaving in and out of each other are still there. Oh, and in the front yard a six-foot-tall Magnolia tree is now gone. A  Monterey pine limb must’ve landed on it. Now all that’s left is a stub of the trunk where it used to be.

Do these guys think I wouldn’t notice that my tree is gone? Yes, it was under the huge Monterey pine. Someone must’ve stepped on it and snapped it in two. But whoever did it didn’t tell his boss, because the bill came via email without a word about the lost Magnolia.

As for the fences, there are five inches of daylight running for thirty feet under the back fence. Yes, the fence guys stuffed the hole with leaves, but when I went back there to pick up all the trash they’d left behind, including an empty cement bag, I noticed what the fence guys had done to cover up their mistake. The fence doesn’t touch the ground.

Heavy sigh. I guess I should’ve been here. The good news is that I haven’t paid either company yet. I will ask for 10% off my bill or repairs to be done.  I would imagine they won’t give me a discount but will come out and fix their mistakes. As for the Magnolia tree, it may have to serve as a casualty of my not trimming the gigantic pine tree for twelve years.

The old lady neighbor next door, who wouldn’t help pay for the fences, pulled out of her driveway while I was in the front yard the other day. She didn’t wave at me. She is probably confounded by the whole thing. She liked the lattice fences that were falling down. She said they were fine.

My other neighbor’s parking lot (on their land that wraps around mine) behind my new fence doesn’t show anymore. That’s because those five inches of air have raised the fence more than I thought it would. Before, I had five and a half feet of coverage. Now it’s almost a foot taller.

The ten-foot board that creates one side of my driveway-flower bed is broken. Someone in a big truck ran over it.  It could’ve been the fencing guys or the tree trimming guys.  I will wait for both companies to call me back and tell me what they are going to do for me.  So far, nothing.  I will keep you posted.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda

I should’ve been there.




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