Rescue Dog, Month # 10

We’ve been to three Manners classes so far, and Daisy is the class flunky. Every other dog (both younger and bigger) can do a down stay and a sit stay. Daisy can sit, and that’s about it.

I have learned to ask her to sit before she eats and before her walk. She used to be a barking Jack Russell terrorist, as my friend called her. Now she’s just a Jack Russell wacko. She still barks in my ear as I put on her harness, and she still whines and cries until the door is actually opened.

We had a great game going of ball chasing in the park. I’d open the door, she’d run to the park, we’d play throw and retrieve, and then she’d head home, signaling me that she was done. But this past week she’s been heading home after only three or four ball tosses. Something is wrong. This isn’t like her to give up her free-for-all run-around-the-park time.

Maybe she needs a bigger harness. The one she has might be rubbing on her arm pits. Do dogs have armpits?

Maybe the neighbor’s huge black plastic version of Slip ‘n’ Slide scared her on Saturday, but she did it again today, Wednesday.

What’s up, Daisy? Why are you running home so soon? Is it the treat you get when it’s Pepper’s turn, always second, to go out and play fetch?

I will write more when I get home from class number three.

Just got home. Daisy shivered all the way up the freeway.  She spent the class hiding under my chair. She came out a few times for hot dog morsels but never did do the down stay. Too many dogs, too many noises, too many people. The only thing I got out of the class is that Daisy is not a normal dog, and she is going to be a challenge to train. At least now I don’t have to drive up the parking lot freeway next week to collect her diploma. She doesn’t deserve it, and neither do I.

We got to the town up the freeway early, and I drove past a Pet Food Express. Since we had extra time, I stopped and bought Daisy a bigger harness. Best part of the day with my dog.

Couldda Wouldda Diddda

I took Daisy to Manners class, and it didn’t stick.  A friend said to give her back. She’s already had three names. I’m not going to turn her in. She doesn’t deserve that.

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