Get Back

Who knew that John Lennon could be silly, smiley, and fun? Most books I’ve read about him portrayed him as surly and not too nice. Peter Jackson’s eight-hour Beatles’ documentary (yes, 8) this past weekend shows the lighter side of John Lennon. Aside from the introduction where Jackson misstates the ages of Paul and George… Continue reading Get Back

A New Chorus

My chorus hasn’t given a performance in two whole years. We are scheduled to sing next month, with only two rehearsals left.  Tonight, we rehearsed for two and a half hours, and we were on the risers for half of it. This chorus is not like the one we had two years ago. The guy… Continue reading A New Chorus

A TV Aha Moment

I didn’t livestream anything until my youngest child offered to share her account with me. This came about one day when she was using my TV to watch her stuff, and I asked her how to livestream. She put me on her account, and the rest is history. I’ve been able to watch shows on… Continue reading A TV Aha Moment