Mac and Cheese, a Spicy Story

After nearly a week of no heat in my house, I finally feel warm enough to write a story, a spicy one, at that. This morning I made my usual run (with wet hair) to the grocery store for the Sunday Chronicle. But alas, there were none. I popped into the CVS next door and… Continue reading Mac and Cheese, a Spicy Story

It’s the Little Things

A morning sunrise, skies streaked pink and blue.  A warm dog cuddled under the afghan throw as I read a book. A hot cup of fake mocha coffee and a Madeleine cookie.  A bunch of texts from an adult child 3000 miles away.  A photo of my smiling grandson in his high chair. The lure… Continue reading It’s the Little Things

Thoughts on Leftovers

Since this blog is called First Date Worst Date Ever, you might think I’m talking about sloppy seconds as in second choice for a date, but I’m not. I’m talking about food in the fridge in a cute little round or rectangular Tupperware container. My ex wouldn’t touch a leftover with a ten-foot pole.  It… Continue reading Thoughts on Leftovers