Scavenger’s Delight


My neighbors give away good stuff. Last year, a neighbor moving to Oregon kept piling stuff on his driveway for us to take until he got the house emptied. His wife and kids had gone on to Oregon ahead of him. I made a haul of a plastic wagon, flower pots, a rolling garden cart for old people to sit on (it works great), an outside table, and some other random things.

I did not take the sofa, floor lamps, pillows, or plastic stuff.

Last week I cut through a neighboring neighborhood and picked up a wooden wagon set out on the curb for trash day.

Today I was walking Dog B down a different street when I came upon a pile of flower pots with a free sign on them. I went home, got the car, and picked up the seven pots, some of them concrete.

Why, you ask? Well, for one thing I have a gopher eating the roots of tender plants in my yard, but no gopher has figured out how to raid a flower pot.

For another thing, who doesn’t love stuff for free?

Plus I’m helping the environment, the landfills, the Earth and Greta Thunberg. If you don’t know who she is, turn on the news already. Read a newspaper. Check your Facebook.

Thirdly, I usually run down to Savers on Tuesdays to buy – you guessed it – flower pots, so today, I saved myself time and gas.

I actually wrote today. I paid my bills a week early. I made pesky phone calls to two banks that I had been putting off. I got things done for a change.

Then I visited my sister and was scolded by the caregivers for not bringing the allergy meds or the protein drinks.

Hey, nobody’s perfect.

Now I am off to chorus, where I will sit in the back because instead of rehearsing, I was walking dogs, getting pots, calling banks, and forgetting my sister’s list.

The day goes by too fast. I get up before seven and still run out of time by seven p.m.  Tonight the new fall shows are starting up, but I will miss them while at chorus.  When I get home, I might try to watch them On Demand, but they won’t be up until tomorrow, probably.

It’s going to be a hot night with high winds, low humidity and high fire danger. PG & E is threatening to shut off power to prevent fires in certain areas.  How cool would it be to get out of chorus early so I could come home and watch . . .

. . . oh, wait a minute. That won’t happen. No power, no TV.

Tomorrow is a hiking day, but the last three hiking days have had temps above 90 degrees, so I have bailed. I want to hike, just not in hot weather.

Milan will teach aerobics tomorrow, and she’s quitting at the end of the year. I will go do the Wobble with Milan and a bunch of old ladies.

We are hilarious.


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