Crazy Daisy

Now in my second month with the crazy rescue dog (she has lots of issues), I realized that my other dog acts worse when on a walk with the rescue girl. It didn’t dawn on me until one day my right hand wouldn’t grip anything. I had sprained it while walking the two dogs together.
Yes, people laughed at me as they drove by. Yes, I have dropped the leash more than once when one or the other pulled too hard. Daisy flies like the wind and jumps like no other dog I’ve ever had (my first Jack Russell). Pepper, larger by 32 pounds, competes with Daisy in a pulling war.
Guess what? Now they each get a separate walk, at least until my right hand gets better. My neighbors think I’m nuts. I pass by with the little white dog, and a half hour later I pass by again with the big black dog.
What I’ve noticed with these separate walks:
1. Daisy smiles.
2. Daisy’s tail wags.
3. Pepper doesn’t pull.
4. I am getting twice as much exercise.
5. My hand doesn’t hurt.
Daisy was allowed on furniture and in beds with her old owner. She must’ve been running through traffic at some point because she cringes when big trucks go by. She wants to be on my lap and not share me at all. She’s a growler.
One night Pepper had had it with Daisy and her lap guarding and climbed up onto my lap and also onto Daisy. That little girl didn’t make a sound.
Daisy still bolts out the door when there’s a chance, but I have learned how to throw treats away from the door when I need to get my sister and her walker outside. Daisy has even come back after getting halfway down the driveway, realizing there’s a treat waiting for her if she comes back inside.
Don’t judge me, dog trainers, I am working with a flawed and damaged dog. I want her to want to come to me, even if she was bad by running out in the first place. Pepper sits nicely at the door, because I rescued her as a puppy. I didn’t get Daisy until her fourth year.
Pepper often gives me looks like, WTF (what the fluff)? Why did you get this rescue dog? But then they go running out the pet door together (they actually knocked the frame off the wall). This morning, while I was in the hot tub, they were both on the steps looking over the rim and licking each other in the face. All good stuff.
Both dogs come down the hallway to wake me up at the first sign of daylight. Daisy tries to sleep with me in my bed, but I’m not into that, so she sleeps on the floor in a little bed. But every morning, she goes down to the kitchen to get Pepper, her partner in crime, and they jump on me. I can hear them coming, ready for their breakfast.
Daisy still growls when Pepper gets too close to her preferred kitchen bed. Pepper still growls when Daisy approaches her food bowl when I forget to pick it up.
But they are working it out.

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