No New Year’s Resolutions for Me


Today’s the day I am supposed to resolve to do better, work harder, exercise more, and eat clean.  Guess what? I learned long ago to do things in baby steps.

It takes twenty-one days to form a new habit. Sometimes I can do it if I don’t think too hard about it. Like yogurt. I should be eating it daily. I usually get it done in the summer, but a cold blob of yogurt does not appeal to me when I’m cold, from November to March.

I should stretch every day. I was good at this until I got the second dog. Now they fight over me when I am on the floor, their canine teeth just inches above my face.

I should walk every day. But some days it’s just easier to throw the ball and let the puppies do all the work.

I should read every day, and I do read the paper and a couple of magazines, but thick books? I am not doing that. I did read the Confessions of a Brazilian Bikini Waxer the moment I got it, front to back, no pun intended.

I should rehearse more for chorus. I do rehearse  a lot in the car, but this last semester I was still working on words while we were in our dress-rehearsal mode – not good.

I should go on more dates. Unfortunately men are not beating down my door to take me out. When one comes along, I usually agree to at least one date before our politics get in the way.

I should do more girlfriend things. And I do, but not often enough.  I hardly ever host. The last time I hosted a group, it was five little singing ladies afraid of dogs. That didn’t last. Our private performance for the husbands was weird since I don’t have one, and I missed a night of dancing in the park to Easy Bay Mud (not the water utility).

I should go to bed earlier, but that gets tricky because I can’t lie down until two or three hours after my last food intake, and I love my ice cream drumstick every night at 8:00.

I should stop eating drumsticks, but hey, that’s not going to happen.

I should give away more stuff, which I am working on, but it is hard to do. One of the “teachers” I donated to was a phony, and I gave her a lot of pioneer stuff. I got burned.

I should join more clubs.  Well, yes and no. I think I have enough on my plate right now.

I should give myself a break. I am doing the best I can in a lot of categories. Plus, guess what? I am getting older and am more careful about overdoing the physical stuff.

I should drink more water. Actually everyone should drink more water. It’s what your body needs most, besides air.

I should resolve to never have resolutions. They seldom work for me. I have to really want something, and that want usually doesn’t present itself on the first day of the year.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda

I should’ve resolved to write more blog posts.

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