DUI Date


Lesley was a college freshman at UOP in Stockton when a big football-player-type guy asked her on a date. Lesley had already met his roommate, so she thought she was safe with Chad and said yes.
Chad took Lesley to a party, but when his roommate came up to say hi to Lesley, Chad got jealous and drank too much. Then he got angry and told Lesley to come with him.
“We’re leaving!” he said.
Lesley climbed into Chad’s little white sports car, not realizing how drunk he was. Chad drove them out to the boondocks to a park by a river. Maybe he thought he was going to have a little make-out session with her. At any rate, he was too drunk, and he passed out.
Lesley wanted to go home. The big lug was in the driver’s seat. She needed to move him to the passenger seat. She was only 5 foot, three, but somehow she was able to push his big body over the stick shift and the console and into the passenger seat. Her heart was pounding. Would she know how to get back to campus? She tried reverse gear, but it didn’t work, so she had to go forward, over some low bushes to get out of the parking lot.
Lesley had a good sense of direction and was able to figure out how to get back. Chad didn’t move or speak the whole way back to her dorm. Lesley parked his car in front and left him in it.
When she told her roommate what had happened, the roomie said, “Aren’t you going to take him to his dorm?”
“Why should I?” Lesley said. “He got himself into this. He can get himself out.”
Lesley saw Chad the next week as she was walking to the tennis court.
“Are you going to play tennis?” Chad asked.
Lesley looked down at her tennis racket, her can of tennis balls, and her tennis shorts.
“Yes, Chad,” she said.
Chad didn’t mention anything about their date. He didn’t call Lesley again. She was disappointed because it would’ve been fun to bounce all over him about what had happened.
Chad’s roommate married Lesley’s best friend. Maybe someday she’ll still get her chance if their paths cross again.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda
If Lesley would’ve gone out with Chad again . . . well, that would’ve just been stupid.

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