Mr. Huggable


His name was Mr. Huggable on Plenty of Fish. Her name was Charming Classic. She didn’t know yet that first dates are better as a coffee meet and greet, not a full-blown lunch.
They agreed to meet at El Charro, a nice Mexican restaurant in Lafayette. It was set for 1:00 in the restaurant bar on Saturday.
“Hi Teri, so glad to meet you!” the people in the lounge said in unison when she walked in.
She was rattled but decided to let to it go.
Is he a regular here? He must be.
Teri stayed so as not to embarrass the guy in front of his friends.
They went out to the lovely patio, and the waiter brought the menus. As Teri was deciding what she would like to have for lunch, he said he’d order for her, because he knew the menu so well.
Okay, maybe he is old school and feels the need to be the man.
Then Mr. Huggable picked up his cell phone and called a friend.
A little rude for a first date. Maybe it is an important call that he needs to make.
“I haven’t talked to that friend in ten years!” he said.
And you chose to call him now? Should I go to the ladies’ restroom, and just not come back? Not too polite . . .
She stayed. He insisted on paying.
Oh well, he ordered it. Let him pay.
Finally, the date was over.
Thank God, I’ll never have to see this person again.
After Teri got home her house phone rang. She picked it up. It was Mr. Huggable.
Teri couldn’t believe that he would call but realized that some people need closure.
“It isn’t a match for me,” she said.
“Why not? It went well, don’t you think?” he said. “We should go out again.”
“I am not interested, sorry,” Teri said.
“You should reconsider, or you will end up a little old blue haired lady with a bunch of cats.”
Or be with you? Cats, it is!

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda
If Teri would’ve given Mr. Huggable another chance, she would’ve discovered that she did not like one thing about him. She would’ve suffered through a second date, then gone to the animal shelter, chosen a boxful of kittens, and stopped at the drugstore on the way home for cat food, kitty litter, and Clairol Hair Rinse, 6G–Light Golden Chestnut.

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