Buffalo Bill Meets Annie Oakley


Aaron met Katie on Plenty of Fish. She didn’t message him back for months. For their first date, he took her duck hunting. She brought her own gun. He brought a boat and the friend who owned it.
The trio didn’t’ talk much because they had to be quiet to get a duck. It was foggy on San Francisco Bay. Aaron brought his decoys and set them afloat.
Katie shot first, and a decoy sank. Aaron rolled his eyes at his buddy, Bobby. Then Katie hit a couple of ducks. Aaron was impressed and forgot about his sunken hen decoy.
The three dropped off the boat, and Aaron taught Katie how to clean a duck. Then Bobby made them waffles.
For their second date, about six months later, Katie took Aaron to her gun club. When he pulled up in his Prius, he felt judged by the others in their trucks. He’d left his truck at home since it got bad gas mileage.
Aaron didn’t hit many of the clay pigeons. Afterward, at the gun club bar, Aaron tried to order a Mai Tai.
“We don’t have that,” the bartender said.
“How about a Long Island iced tea?” he said.
“We don’t have that, either,” the bartender said.
“Just get a beer,” Katie said, looking embarrassed.
Aaron settled on a Jack and Coke.
On their third date, they went hiking and didn’t shoot anything. But they discovered they had a lot in common besides hunting.

Couldda Wouldda Didda
Aaron and Katie have been shooting things together for four years and counting.

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