L is for Loco (Loca)

Tonight at chorus rehearsal, an older friend asked me how my dogs were doing. I told him about Pepper, the lab mix, whom my contractor calls a sweetheart. She got a little loca the other day. The granite guys came to make templates for my counter tops, and Pepper, who is usually pretty happy to see men, would not let the guys come into the house. She got all protective, and I had to lock her up before the guys could enter my front door.

The first guy had a bunch of gold fillings in the front of his mouth, so when he smiled, he flashed. Pepper didn’t like that. Daisy is usually the one that’s loca, but that day it was Pepper.  Usually a guy can offer his hand, Pepper will smell it, and then she will let him enter. Not gold teeth guy, El Dorado. Did she know something I didn’t know?

The guys made the templates , and then they left. Pepper was released from behind the baby gate, which Daisy simply hurdles when she wants out of prison. That’s the thing about Pepper. She is polite. She wouldn’t knock down a gate and never has. Daisy can open a door with her nose.  If she sees a gate she can’t jump, she hurls herself at it until the lock pops open. I’ve had to learn to be smarter than my Jack Russell terrier.

Pepper waits patiently for treats and neck rubs. Daisy paws me until I let her up on my lap.  Daisy forces herself into my bed.  Pepper sleeps in another room. Daisy barks like a crazed animal while I am filling her food bowl. Pepper sits and waits. Daisy goes berserk when I touch a leash. Pepper sits by the front door and waits. Daisy barks and cries while Pepper and I are out on our walk.  Pepper is quiet when I take Daisy.

Pepper knows she belongs here. She’s been here since she was eleven weeks old. Daisy came to me when she was three or older.  She is unsure about everything. Thus, she is emotional about everything.

When I take her on a beach weekend, she watches me like a hawk after the suitcase gets zipped up and rolled down to the kitchen. It’s as if she is afraid I am going to leave without her. Pepper knows I’d never do that.

Daisy is a good match for Pepper. She growls, barks and pushes her around, even though she weighs less than half as much.  Only a laid-back mellow lab would put up with that crap. Unless of course Daisy flashed a smile filled with gold fillings. Then Pepper would be just as berserk as she was with the granite guy.

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