What’s your Super Power?

We all have one. Some of us have common sense. Some of us can pack a bag like nobody’s business. Some of us have perfect pitch. I have one friend who says, “Give me a fridge filled with leftovers, and I can whip up a delicious meal.”

There’s an eight year old girl in Benbow who can survive 44 hours in the woods and save her sister, too. Survival is her super power.

There’s a new congress woman from New York who can scare half of America with her intelligence and please the other half. Getting elected is her super power.

What is your super power? Everybody’s got one. If you haven’t figured out yours yet, never fear. One day you will wake up and realize what it is.

You might not know it until you are tested and it rises from within.  You are a fire fighter and you find two lost sisters in the forest. You are a nurse, and you have that magic touch to help patients heal. You are the store owner that goes the extra mile to help your customers.  You are a student who can help other students understand the lesson.

You are the one that took a stand by taking a knee and showed America that peaceful protest is America’s right. You are the one that fought until the city of Oakland named a street after Oscar Grant ten years after his death at the hands of the BART police.

You are the friend that always knows what to say and what to do in times of tragedy. You are the one that shows up with food, wine, and a sappy movie to make a girlfriend feel better.

You are the kid that lets the dorky kid sit at your lunch table. You invite him, actually. You are the teacher that doesn’t judge a student based on other teachers’ experiences with him. You are the coach that plays the father role for a kid who doesn’t have one.

You are the neighbor that puts away the garbage cans for the elderly lady next door. You are the person who takes the grocery cart from the young mother of three small children as she wrestles them into their car seats. You are the one that holds the door for a disabled person or an older person. You rescue puppies or foster kittens.

Are you catching on?  If you don’t have a super power, you can create one by being that guy or gal who is there to help strangers as they struggle through their day.  It doesn’t cost a thing, takes no formal education, and hurts no one. You might be the one that gets that old geezer to smile today.  You might be the one that keeps that young mom from losing her cool.

Everyone is in a hurry. You might be the driver that slows down so that car can merge into your lane. You are the one that pulls up alongside the UPS truck to tell the driver his back door is open. You are the one that calls the CHP to report a driver weaving all over the road before he causes an accident. You are the one that drives your alcohol-indulging friends to and from venues since you have had only one glass of wine to drink.

You are the one that remembers everyone’s birthdays even if they don’t remind yours (thanks, Facebook).  You are the one that walks away when someone asks you to cheat or lie for them.

You are the one that calls your husband’s friend’s wife when the friend brings another woman to an event. You don’t even know the wife, but you belong to the sisterhood.

Or the brotherhood.

Or the gender-fluid hood.

You give grace to the writer that uses the term gender-fluid hood.

You have a super power. Go and find out what it is.


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