Daisy the Rescue Dog, Month # 9

Today is Daisy’s ninth month with me and my younger dog, Pepper. Two females is never the best idea for dog-mates. I thought Pepper would retain her Alpha position because she is bigger. But Jack Russells are born with attitude to spare, and Daisy has managed to boss both of us around.

  1. I’ve never had a dog in my bed, but Daisy wore me down. She never gave up. I did.
  2. Pepper still snaps regarding food, so I feed them at opposite ends of the kitchen and stand in between with a treat in hand for whoever finishes first.
  3. Pepper has claimed the doggie car seat I bought for Daisy, who is too neurotic to use it, anyway. She lies where she can watch me drive and look out the front window (she is tethered to a backseat headrest by a leash. If not, she’d be in my lap).
  4. Daisy gets the first walk every day because once the front door is open, she is gone if there are leashes involved. Even if it’s another dog’s leash, it makes no difference.
  5. Daisy lies by the sliding door every night until a critter goes by. Then she dashes out the dog door with Pepper right behind. It’s a game and a reminder for me to call the rat guy.
  6. Since it’s summer, I take off Daisy’s harness and only put it on her for walks. She gets so excited when she sees me with it in my hand that it is hard to get it on her.
  7. On a walk, Daisy snaps at other dogs when they get in her face. Let’s face it, the girl was surrendered at three years old, and she has her issues. I usually say, “She’s a rescue,” and most people understand. Plus an eighteen pound dog isn’t too threatening when you’re a Golden Retriever or a pit bull.
  8. Daisy has bitten through three leashes, usually when I am struggling to get her out the door. A leash in the mouth is like a baby’s pacifier for her.
  9. We start Manners class in two days. My kids came to visit and told me Daisy needs some training. I’ve been a bit busy with my sister, but now things are letting up and I can do the class.
  10. I bought an automatic ball launcher online and plan to wear out Daisy before class so that she will behave. Pepper will like it, too.
  11. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

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