What Happened to Daisy?

Eighteen days ago, I got a rescue dog. I’d wanted to get another dog ever since I gave away Pepper’s buddy last summer to make room for my sister. No, the dog I gave away did not go to the pound. He is sixteen, incontinent, and blind. I gave him to my ex, where he will live out the rest of his days.
Pepper needed a buddy, so for Christmas I got her Daisy, a three year old Jack Russell terrier. Daisy was shy, nervous, and defensive. Pepper weighs three times as much. But Daisy is a Jack Russell terrier, so she fought for alpha dog and lost. There was blood. It was over a ball. Daisy now knows her place.
The first night I locked Daisy in a dog crate. That little Houdini got out of the crate and slept curled up in the corner of my bedroom. Yes, I heard all the commotion, and the next day I wondered how she got out of the still-locked crate.
The first car ride she cried the whole way to the vet. I had to tie her leash to the head rest so she wouldn’t jump on my lap. The first time we went to Monterey, she stood on her hind legs and cried the whole way. On the way back she cried the first half and then settled down.
Daisy is a lap dog. When Pepper came over to us, Daisy used to growl. Now she jumps off the chair. The vet said a beta dog would get off my lap. I am relieved that they have worked it out.
Last night, when I got home from my night out, the home health care worker told me how upset Daisy had become when Mila used the broomstick to help my sister exercise her shoulders. When Mila picked up the broomstick handle, Daisy ran out the doggie door. She wouldn’t come back inside until the broomstick handle was put away. It’s January and cold out there.
What has happened to Daisy in the past? Someone surrendered her, but why? There were notes that she attacked an older dog. Did someone beat her? Can I rehabilitate her? Will she ever trust me? Anybody?
I think I can. I have taught her to sit. So far, I’ve had no luck with getting her to lie down on the floor. Her butt stays up in the air every time. I am teaching her to come to me, with treats. Twice she has bolted out of an open door or gate. Both times I got her back with food, but I had to throw it to her and get her to come closer and closer until I could reach her harness.
Daisy’s harness never comes off. She is so quick that if she got out again, I’d never be able to grab her without it. I hope someday she will stop bolting. I make the dogs wait at the open door before we go for walks. She pulls against me while I hold her leash back, but she is slowly getting it. Yesterday she even sat down for a second.
Pepper gets treats right along with Daisy for good behavior. Pepper is starting to realize that this little dog isn’t so bad.
But no more balls. Pepper will never share them.
I have to stand between the two dogs while they eat, and I pick up the food dishes immediately. I let Pepper run up to my chair so that Daisy will jump down. I bought another large bed so they both have one in the kitchen. The little bed is in my bedroom, and Daisy sleeps there through the night. It’s her choice to come down there and not sleep next to Pepper in the kitchen.
Daisy is housebroken, except for once on my sister’s bed. Now all bedroom doors are shut. What was she trying to tell me that day?
With a rescue dog, you never know for sure.

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