A Lasting Love


Maurice was a sophomore at Riordan Catholic High School for boys in San Francisco. He played tenor sax in the marching band. His buddy, Dave, was dating a girl named Sheila from Mercy Catholic High School for girls, and he suggested that Maurice date her older sister, Colleen.
The foursome went to the football game, but Maurice had to sit and play with the band. After the game, they met behind the bleachers, and after a first kiss, that was it. Maurice and Colleen knew they were made for each other.
Maurice had a candy-apple red 1950 Chevy Coupe. He knew all the popular spots to go parking, like Twin Peaks with a view of the city, and the Presidio, too. The couple dated all through high school, and so did Dave and Sheila. After graduation, Dave and Sheila broke up, but Maurice and Colleen got engaged. They were married in 1961 when they were twenty and twenty-one.
Maurice took over his dad’s business of selling pre-cast concrete. The company was located in Hayward in the East Bay. He sold the company in 2000 after working there for forty years.

Couldda Wouldda Didda

It’s been sixty years since they got married. They have lived in San Francisco, Hayward and Danville. The house they bought in 1975 on a country acre is now worth twenty-four times what they paid for it and going up every year.
Colleen said she married Maurice for his great hair. He doesn’t have much left now, but she is sticking around.
Maurice still keeps in touch with his friend Dave, who suggested that Maurice go on that first date.

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