Asinine Aspenite


Pam was living in Aspen Colorado, being a ski bum by day and working as a waitress by night. It was her early twenties, and life was an adventure. She met a nice guy on the chairlift. He was a part-time construction worker and a part-time ski instructor. He asked her out that night, to go a local hang-out for drinking and dancing.
Pam said yes. Peter picked her up in his Jeep Wrangler.
The date was going well, and Pam was having a good time.
Peter is having a good time, too. He is going to ask me out again, I can feel it.
And he’s such a good dancer!
I’m so glad I didn’t go to Nebraska to teach!

That girl next to us is getting awfully close to him.
Wait! Is he holding hands with her? But he’s on a date with me!
Could this be more embarrassing?

Apparently it could! Is he making out with her! While I am standing right here!
Pam glanced around the bar to see who else noticed the insanity happening in front of her. No one was paying much attention. She stared at her date sucking face with another.
Hello! Remember me? You asked me out. You drove me here!
Pam scanned the bar again. It was a slow Tuesday. She didn’t know anyone.
So Pam did what any other snow bunny did in Aspen in the 70’s. She hitchhiked home.
Pam never saw the two-timing ski bum again.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda
If Pam would’ve fought for her new man, she would’ve discovered that the kissing dancer girl was actually Peter’s old girlfriend, Wanda, from Wyoming. She’d followed him to Aspen and had taken a job babysitting kids at the local hotels while their parents skied or partied. She’d been trying to run into him for two weeks so she could make her move. When she saw Peter with Pam, she sidled right over and got busy winning him back. Pam would decide not to compete with Wanda, who knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to hurt others to get it.

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