Looking for Jade in Alaska


Sophia was living in Sonoma County and took her new dog to the beach. The black lab needed a name. An old man was there looking at pebbles in the water. She struck up a conversation with him, and he told her he was looking for Jade.
On the way home, Sophia decided Jade was a good name for her puppy.
Flash forward two years — Sophia had survived a candle wax fire that should’ve killed her. Then she moved to Alaska. Her Greek parents sent her to Greece for two months, so she asked her friend, Trish, to keep Jade for her while she was away. Trish agreed but then took a job on a fishing boat and handed off the dog to another friend, Alexandra.
When Sophia got back from Greece, Alexandra claimed that she had abandoned the dog, and Jade was now hers to keep. Since Trish had given up their place to work on the fishing boat, Sophia had no place to stay. Someone told her about an old trapper’s cabin up the mountain, so she moved in.
Petersburg was a small town, so word got around that Sophia couldn’t get her dog back after several tries.
A good looking bear of a guy with a red pick-up truck, who claimed his family was the Alaskan mafia (even though he was Irish), offered to get Jade back with one caveat – Sophia had to go out on a date with him. His name was Mike, and he looked like the Brawny paper towel guy in his plaid shirt and work boots.
“I know everybody. I’ll find Jade,” he said.
Sophia had heard that everyone was afraid of this guy. He was a championship logger, the best paving guy ever, and a trucker.
An Alaska date back then was go to a bar and get drunk. So that’s what they did. By the time date #2 rolled around, Sophia had her dog back.
Then a funny thing happened. Sophia kept dating Mike. They moved to Fairbanks and lived at a truck-stop compound for a year and a half, then bought an eighteen wheeler together. They finally tied the knot in North Pole, Alaska, at a place called Santa Claus’s house. Sophia was the third woman to help run pipe for the Trans-Alaska pipeline system from Valdez to Prudhoe Bay.
Couldda Wouldda Didda
The marriage with Mike the mafia guy only lasted a year, but her dog, Jade, lived to be fifteen, until Sophia’s second child from her second marriage was born.
All in all, it worked out to get involved with the Alaskan Mafia.

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