Renaming the Blog?

Three years ago I started this blog. I have reached 500 followers. But I really do it for me, to get myself to write 500 words every day. As it turns out, I did a lot of re-runs so, on average, only wrote a new post every other day.

Just for fun, and because we are in the middle of a pandemic (what else am I going to do?) I decided to look at my 1000+ posts and analyze what it is that I write about the most.

It was supposed to be a blog about the worst first dates people have had.  I got to 95 of those before I ran out of friends and acquaintances.

Some of my friends misunderstood, thinking that I wanted them to write their stories and that I would post their writing. That’s not how a blog works. Maybe there are people hosting guest blogs, but I’m not one of them. The writing is for me to do. I interviewed a bunch of people, asked questions and wrote their stories in my own way.

The most memorable interview wasn’t about a date at all. It was about a bear. A grizzly in Alaska and how the guy and seven others avoided becoming dinner.  I have reposted that story more than any other. Why? Because people love it. The details the guy told me are amazing. The friend that dived into the underbrush and put the rest to them in a pickle is irresistible. How could they abandon their freaked-out friend? They had to stand their ground. They lived to tell about it, at a Christmas party over drinks.

I have mountain lion stories and shark stories, along with stories about piglets, cats, and dogs. My dog posts number 45. They always get likes. There are a lot of dog lovers out there in cyberspace.

Some of my friends claim they’ve never had a bad date. One of them exclaimed, “Maybe I was somebody else’s bad date!”

Those no-bad-date people told me their fairy tale romances that have turned into 50+ years of marriage. Since they had great photos to go with their stories, I was happy to post those as well. But I only have 23 happy marriage tales. Now you know who I hang out with more.

I have written 23 nature posts. Twelve of my posts are biographical.

As for pandemic stories, I have 28 and counting. The vast majority of my posts (347) are memoir kinds of things: events that happened to me, my daily observations, and my views on everything from politics to women’s rights to Black Lives Matter to immigrants/Latinos /Spanish and the melting pot, which has turned more into a salad bar. Get your side of Latino with a dash of Chinese.

Thank God for re-runs. I’ve written 573 original posts (not 1000) and repeated them as needed: on a slow news day, on a busy day, on a day when I didn’t have much to say, when no one had been on a rotten date, and no one had gushed about their fabulous spouse.

On those days, even my dogs couldn’t get me motivated.

2 thoughts on “Renaming the Blog?

  1. Woo! That’s a great milestone in the blogosphere, and wishing you many more to come! 1,000 posts is crazy too. I myself can only stomach one post per week (need to save my writing juice for work as well lol), so that probably totals up to a couple hundred over the last few years.

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