The Upside of Self-quarantining — Is There One?

I have a science friend who used the term social distancing a month ago. I listened to her. I thought of my sis in a nursing home situation, the sister I visit daily, and thought to myself, I need to do this.

Two weekends ago, I skipped a Motown review at a large theater and also a girl party. My sis’s infectious disease doctor had recommended it. I listened to him.

Last weekend, I skipped a social event of live music in a bar and also the symphony (it was cancelled anyway).  I did walk the reservoir with a girlfriend a number of times, taking one dog one time and the other dog the next since they both need outings and remedial social training.

Now, coming up on my third weekend of social isolation, I am in a bit of a panic.  The reservoir is closed (by order of the governor, they say), the kids are all out of school and milling about my once-private greenbelt park next door, and there are three parties on my calendar.  Two of them have been cancelled, but one stubborn friend insists that she is having hers, anyway.   The problem is that no one is coming. Including me.

My ski club friends are not enjoying the irony of the moment. It didn’t rain or snow the entire month of February. Now it’s snowing, and the ski resorts have all closed down due to Coronavirus.

My 401K is tanking, but they said on the news to treat your 401 K the same way you treat your face. Don’t touch it.

I am stuck in my house with two squirrelly dogs and no one else. I can’t visit my sis now until the situation improves. The administrator has spoken.  Sis cried when I told her.

I’m not wearing make-up these days. What for? Besides, if I need to prove I’m old, no make-up is the best way to go. I have fake blond hair, so I look a lot younger from the back and when driving in my car. I get lots of head-turns that I didn’t get when I had short brown hair and bangs.

Ha! If they only knew how old I am! Three months away from Medicare.

I am wearing an orange shirt today, not my color, but who cares? I bought it for Halloween. It’s the same orange the Caltrans workers wear so they won’t get hit by cars while working on the highways. Very few pale-skinned people can pull off wearing orange, except my friend, Sharon.

But I digress.

I am purging my house, except I don’t want to drive the donations to the germy thrift store. It might not even be open.  I am finding good stuff that I haven’t looked at in years. Shoes I’ll  never wear again. Clothes that are orange.

I want to clean my garage, but I need muscle for that, and muscle comes with a younger body and potential virus droplets, so I will have to wait on that.

I thought I was an extrovert, but these last two and a half weeks tell me that I am not a complete extrovert. If I were, I’d be pulling out my hair by now.

Speaking of hair, my color appointment is next week. Will she cancel on me? Probably. She’s almost as old as I am.

No hair appointment?

I’m going to have to go online and order a baseball cap on clearance, maybe in orange.

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