Usually I Blog, Today I Cleaned

Company is coming. It’s amazing what that will do to a person who doesn’t put things away daily, except maybe keys and dog treats. I look around the house. It’s an utter mess.  Newspapers I have yet to read, books I have yet to read, sewing I have yet to sew, clean laundry in baskets, and so on and so forth.

I have a new kitchen. But I have never photographed it. Today is the day I am going to get that granite cleaned off and get some shots of how beautiful it is. Yes, there are fingerprints on the new refrigerator handle, and yes, I have lots of containers filled with dog stuff. Oh well, it’s not like I live in a model home.

There is dust on everything. I clean off the lids to all the cookie jars, canning jars, and other jars I’ve used to sort stuff. I dust off the griddle to the stove.  So far I’ve made two cakes, boiled a few dozen eggs, and heated up some soup. It has been a long summer of not cooking much. I survive on salad and fruit and fake ice cream bars.

My daughter is coming for a visit. Every time she comes over, her brother will come, too. He is her ride. He will bring his dog. I have two dogs, so that makes three shedding creatures. Plus Daughter and me. We both have long hair.

The Roomba works overtime, but it takes such an arbitrary path, it never gets it all. Still, I empty out the full container in the contraption and put it back on the charger for tomorrow. When it leaves the hardwood and goes onto the area rugs it often leaves behind a hairball for me to find later in the fringe.

The house smells like dog. I open up the windows on nice nights to get a fresh breeze throughout.  I use room deodorizers.  I know two girls that need a bath – Daisy and Pepper.

I can’t imagine bathing either one of my dogs without help. They pull me down the street for walks and scratch my summer legs in shorts when I get home. In other words, they are young and energetic. It’s not that they have no training, it’s just that I am pretty low-key about it. Why have dogs if all you do is control their every move?

But I digress.

Company is coming. We will eat out more often than not, since one person is a vegetarian, another prefers cheeseburgers, and I have such a restricted diet that it gets a little embarrassing by the time I ask the waiter to take off the peppers, the cucumbers, and please no black pepper, dressing on the side. Then I end up picking all the bacon off the salad, too, and later bother the same waiter for a container so I can serve it to my dogs, little by little, day by day, in their food bowls.

There is so much more to do – dusting, cleaning, but at least I can see the counters in my kitchen, and the first  layer of hair has been sucked up.

I’m running out of time. This might be as good as it will get.

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