Dumb Dog Dad’s Doo Doo Date

Chuck had two Keeshounds named Baron and Zoe.  Baron was a little bit spastic. At any rate, Chuck mentioned to a friend that he needed to find new homes for the pair, and the friend offered to take the dogs.

Chuck had over half a bag of dog food left. He didn’t want to waste it, so he filled the food bowls to overflowing so as not to waste the food.

Chuck’s first date was that night. He put the hounds in his car. They had never been on a car ride before, so they jumped up and down. Because of all the food they ate, they had to poop. IN the car.  Poop was flying around because the spastic dog was running inside the car. Chuck felt some poop go down the back of his shirt.

The poop was smeared all over, on the vinyl seats, on the carpet, the windows, everywhere. Chuck dropped off the dogs and headed home. He only had one hour before he had to pick up his date. He wiped up the poop, but it still smelled bad. He sprayed a whole bottle of air freshener in the car. Now it smelled like poop in a field of flowers.

It was time for Chuck to get his date for dinner.  When he picked her up, she climbed into the car and thirty seconds late, said, “Maybe I’ll drive us.”

After that date, Chuck drove around for a week with the windows down to get rid of the smell.

Chuck went out with that girl twice more. One has to wonder if she couldn’t get over that first impression of a poopy-smelling car.


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