A Text Dump and Surprise Lunch, Same Day

If you want to improve your dating life, I recommend dropping about thirty pounds in six months. Seriously, I don’t recommend developing the underlying issue, just achieving the weight loss.

To make a long story short, a guy I met nine months ago, one who had lots of opportunities to break off whatever we had going, decided to do it today with a text message. A few days ago, he reminded me that Ringo Starr was playing next week, and asked me if I still wanted to go with him. I hadn’t seen or heard from him in a while. He sort of disappeared. I guess he was pretty confident that I would turn him down, but instead, I said yes. Today he text dumped me, saying he’d rather take his twin sister for a bonding moment.

Okay, now I know why this guy has never been married. Who dates a woman, asks her to dance, takes her on multiple dates, tells her he likes the slow dances the best, never tries for a serious kiss, and then dumps her for a twin?


Henry does this.

Coincidentally, the BART platform guy who handed me his card two weeks ago, he on his way to a Giants game, myself on my way to Hamilton, asked me to meet him for coffee today. I had just read the text dump as I headed over to Starbucks. When I walked in the door, a man was staring at me, so I figured it must be BART guy, even though he looked different with no hat on. But when he smiled, I knew it was the guy from BART.

We had a nice chat over herbal peach tea, and then he excused himself to the bathroom. He had already grabbed my hand at one point, so there was that. Then he leaned in and said on his way to the bathroom, “I will be really disappointed if I come back and you aren’t here.”

Do women do that? Do they run away when guys are peeing? That seems so rude.

I did not run away. Then he invited me to lunch. We went to Panera, where there is a safe salad that I can eat without choking on it.

During the course of these two events, I saw a man I knew and waved hello. Then another man greeted me as he left Panera. The guy had a walker, for Christ’s sake.

“You seem to know a lot of men,” BART guy said.

“I’ve lived here for thirty-three years,” I said.  “Where do you live?”

He rattled off his address.

Not homeless. Check.

Pretty cute. Check.

Expected amount of hair for a man of his age. Check.

He is just tall enough to not be shorter than me. He is my age or maybe a year younger, still figuring that out. He told me that people are like ships passing in the night, and that is why he handed me his card before he boarded the BART train.

It has been a strange day, both good and bad. At least Henry gave me some focus for a blog post.

Text dumping. Who does that?

Oops! Come to think of it, I may have done that myself once before. To the guy who was drunk on our dinner date, before it even started. Then he invited me to meet his dog, which really meant he was ready to get me in the sack. I was not impressed.

At least I fessed up to the real reasons I was dumping him and did not pass it off as a bonding moment for me and my sibling.

Just sayin’, Henry.


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