I Need More Friends

“Fireflies are the confetti of angels.”  That is some great writing.  If you haven’t seen the new show, Bless This Mess, it is hilarious.

There is no laugh track, Barbara.  No live audience, either, Old Dave.

Maybe it’s because the show is set in Nebraska, where I used to teach. I lived in a farmhouse for the first year and a half. Then there was a flood, and I moved to Omaha. No, that’s not true. I moved to Omaha because the most eligible bachelor in Ashland was twice my age and mostly bald. That’s the real reason.

Many of the actors are familiar-looking. Lake Bell plays Rio and Dax Shepard plays Mike, newlyweds from New York. Mike inherits his aunt’s farm. The couple knows nothing about farming, and that makes for some funny plot lines. Ed Begley Jr. plays the weird neighbor.

Mike feels he is getting jacked from all the pushing and pulling. But then he says that maybe jacked is too much. Maybe he is jacked-adjacent. Funny stuff.

The young teen neighbor cuts off his thumb with a machete, and Mike has to drive him to the hospital, and Rio has to fight the weasel that killed the chicken named Deirdre.

This episode involves a weighted blanket. That’s what one of my children asked for, for Christmas. The show has a Millennial spin on it. Maybe I like it because it has that kind of flair.

I also enjoy the authentic sets, like they really went to Nebraska to shoot it. How they mention Lincoln, how they have a square-dance caller at the county fair. How they have a county fair!

I can appreciate great writing. The Big Bang Theory. Modern Family.  This is Us. I’ll take a well-written show any day over the reality crap that is on every night of the week, although I do have a soft spot for American Idol. My youngest and I found it the year Carrie Underwood won. I’ve been hooked ever since. Plus the judges are so much fun to watch – Katy Perry, Luke Bryant, Lionel Richie.

Why am I writing about this? Because I ran out of friends to tell me their worst first date stories.   I have a few that wouldn’t tell me their worst date story. See what you’ve done? You’ve forced me to write about nothing but a new sitcom that I used to miss on Tuesday nights because I had chorus rehearsals, and now I’ve been binge-watching the episodes like other people watch Game of Thrones.

Speaking of which, Betty White is the queen of them all. Just ask Facebook.

I’ve decided to take a break from the internet, which means instead of spending two hours a day online, I’m going to spend thirty minutes. And no more nightly news at ten. I am going to go to bed earlier since the dogs are getting me up at 6:00 a.m.

Ten more words, and I’ll be done.

There we go.





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