The Week of Love

My chorus is singing a love-themed concert this spring. The songs individually are all good except for the flowery Love is a Many Splendored Thing. It reminds me of 1970’s soap operas.

The songs are running together in my brain.  Sure, they are different vintages, but none of them is current, and many of the songs are as old as our senior members. I wish we had a Beyonce song (Crazy in Love) or something.  I heard a fellow tenor behind me tonight at rehearsal say that we needed Bohemian Rhapsody to liven up the program.

Sadly, Freddy Mercury’s big hit with Queen is not about love. It’s about killing a man, going away to prison and saying good-bye to his mother.

The ideal choral program would not have a song from my wedding in it, a song I haven’t heard in a couple of decades. You know what? I didn’t miss it. It’s a pretty song but an emotionally fueled one now that I hear it again. Let’s just say that I had evidence on my wedding day that I married the wrong person. The good news is the marriage produced three great children.

I’d rather sing a Beatles song, a James Taylor song, and an Elton song about love. How about If I Fell by the Beatles, the bluesy Steam Roller for your Love by J. Taylor, and Benny and the Jets by E. John.  The last one isn’t really a love song, but I don’t care. It has a good solid beat to it.

I am happy that the small group I’m in is singing Captain and Tennille’s big hit called Love Will Keep Us Together.  I loved it then and still love it, although it isn’t on my playlist. I forgot about it. I’m sure the sopranos will get the melody, but that’s okay. It will be fun. It’s way better than Muskrat Love (just sayin’).

I stopped by Costco today to pick up some flowers for my sister and to buy her a tuxedo cake.  The porridge gruel she eats is brown and bland, so it’s fun to liven up her day with a sweet treat. The carnations usually last about two weeks, and this week they are in Valentine colors of red, white, pink, and purple. Costco must’ve had 500 bouquets at the ready today. The flower lady, who recognized me since I buy her flowers every other week, told me that Costco will sell $35,000 worth of flowers each day for the next three days. That’s a lot of bouquets.

I sent gifts to two kids today and gave the third kid his Girl Scout cookies on Sunday in a heart bag. So what if no one gives me a gift? I am so done with all that stuff.

Love is in the air this week, which can be hard for some of us divorced people.  I just got invited to hang out with two girlfriends on Thursday night, so that might be fun. Really, I would’ve been okay at home with my dogs. They are always reliable for unconditional love.

Especially the three-time rescue dog. She thinks I am all that.




One thought on “The Week of Love

  1. ‘Love Is A Many Splendored Thing’ reminds me of the movie ‘Grease’ which is one of my favorite movies.
    That’s nice of you giving your sister flowers every other week.


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