My Day Offline

Every morning I get up, feed the dogs, boil a pot of water, and make a blog post.  Then I drink my cup of hot water, scroll through Facebook, and wait for my reflux meds to kick in. Then I eat breakfast, take a shower, and start my day. I usually return to the internet at lunchtime, and sometimes spend my evenings online. I am partly retired, although I still write for fun and money.

Today was different.  I took my bike to the bike shop, bought some bananas, visited my sister, had lunch with two of my children, rode bikes with my youngest (that was tough after two years of not riding), played ball with my dogs, drove daughter to her dad’s, and came home around five o’clock. I hadn’t been online for seven hours.

It was great!  I talked to strangers, saw some green scenery, chatted with the neighbors in the park, got some exercise, and had a lot of outside time.

Now it is dark outside (only eight days past the winter solstice), and I am in front of the TV with my laptop. Later it will be a warm dog on my lap.  I will stay home and save up my energy for New Year’s Eve.  In the morning I will probably hurt from my bike ride. I will go out and get my San Francisco Chronicle by 10:00 a.m. before they are gone. I will take my laptop to my sister’s place for Facebook Sunday. She likes the videos of dogs and cats and the musical videos, too.

I might get to see my youngest for breakfast before she flies out tomorrow afternoon for the East Coast. She knows how upset I was when her older sister didn’t have time to see me on her last day here.  It’s hard when you have to share your kids with an ex who lives in a bigger house with five little dogs. It is also is hard when you were the bad cop in their childhood and their often-absent father got to be the good cop since he wasn’t around much to enforce anything.

I hope someday they will know that one of their parents had to do the hard job of raising them to be good people. I hope someday they will understand that everything I did was because I love them so much. I hope that they will become parents and understand that they needed a strong parent more than they needed an adult that was their buddy, one that gave them no structure, no rules, and no consequences.

I didn’t mean for this blog post to turn into that. I started out talking about my day offline, part of it with two of my kids, another part with one of them.

It was a day offline. And it was absolutely fantastic!

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