Daisy Rescue Dog Month # 11

Just when you think the dogs have overcome the hurdle of who’s the boss, they have a brawl.

Over a ball.

Pepper set Daisy straight once regarding balls.  Pepper weighs 55+ pounds. Daisy weighs 18 pounds.

Daisy went for the same ball Pepper went for. There was fight. Pepper won. Daisy had to have Neosporin for a week on her puncture wounds. This was in the first month.

Life was good for eight months. Then one day . . . they were having fun. I was so pleased that they could play together. Then it happened. Daisy challenged Pepper again over a ball. There was growling, wrestling, and Pepper pinning Daisy down on her back. Daisy fought back, again and again. Then Daisy was crying. Pepper was hurting her.

All this time I was yelling at them to stop. They were not hearing me. Then I hosed them down with water.  Pepper let go, and Daisy whimpered off.

More Neosporin.  All balls were picked up and put away.

I have never met such a stubborn dog as Daisy. She has been turned in twice, once as a displaced fire dog, and once because she attacked an older dog. I am her third owner.

Pepper is younger. Pepper was here first. I wonder if Daisy got dropped on her head as a puppy.

I know Daisy should not be allowed to sleep in my bed. It is helping her think she is Alpha.  Daisy growls at Pepper whenever I am on the move.  Pepper puts up with Daisy’s strutting ways unless:

  1. Food is involved.
  2. A ball is involved.

I am careful how I feed them. Pepper gets fed first, and I stand guard over Daisy until she is done eating. Then I pick up both bowls.

I will have to keep the ball playing separate. It’s too bad, because they both like the automatic launcher.

When the nine year old comes to visit, we have to have a strict no food rule with the dogs. I can’t have her in the middle of a dog fight and get hurt.

I’d lock up Daisy if anything could keep her locked up. She gets out of crates, jumps over gates and fences, and opens doors by throwing her body against them and using her nose. The siding screen door is a joke to her. She can get through and can also knock it off its track.

Jack Russell terriers are super smart and super arrogant.  My vet told me I was a sucker to take her on.

Pepper is doing well, considering. She looks at me now and then as if to say, what the fluff? She is right, but how can I give the new dog back now? It’s been almost a year.

Daisy, you need to chill.

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