At Face Value

Freddy went onto Bumble to find a date. He waited until a woman messaged him (that’s how Bumble works). Her photo showed a good-looking blonde with a great smile. His photo showed a strong guy with a stylish beard, brown eyes, and an adorable face – his moneymaker. Freddy messaged her back right away. Samantha liked the face and agreed to go on a date.
Freddy, being from Texas, picked a classy restaurant. As a bartender in a different restaurant, he knew where to go. Samantha met him there, and he pulled out her chair for her.
Why? Because he’s from Texas.
Over drinks and appetizers, Samantha’s personality began to emerge. She wasn’t as polite as the girls that he knew back home. As the conversation continued, he mentioned that he went to church every Sunday.
“Why?” she asked.
Freddy almost choked on his bruschetta.
“Why do you do anything?” he asked.
Samantha had her arms crossed over her chest at this point. Freddy couldn’t believe how rude the girl was being, or maybe for California, it wasn’t considered rude.
The conversation grew awkward after that. Freddy had been himself, and Samantha challenged a big part of his life, on the first date, where he went ahead and picked up the whole tab.
Why? Because that’s what a gentleman from Texas does.
Freddy thanked Samantha for her time, and they parted ways.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda
If Freddy would’ve discussed his faith with Samantha, he would’ve learned that she’d had a negative experience in a church at an early age. They would’ve connected on a deeper level and would’ve agreed to try a second date. Even though they both found the other one attractive, they couldn’t get past the difference in beliefs. Freddy would invite Samantha to try church with him, and she would flatly tell him no. Thus would end the forced attempt to fall in love.

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