You Know You’re Getting Old when . . .


. . . .you planned on driving an hour to hear live music for two hours, but now you’d rather sit home and watch the news and the PBS country music special.

. . . you decided to sort out all of your framing supplies and halfway through, you thought to yourself, what have I done?

. . . you decided to walk the dogs and when you got back with the first dog and the second dog didn’t want to go out, you said, “Whatever.”

. . . you want to read today’s newspaper but it’s all the way in the car out on the driveway, and you know, walking.

. . . you need to call the water company about a leak credit that didn’t show up on the bill, but there’s always tomorrow.

. . . you need to print out the return shipping label for the shoes you ordered that don’t fit, but again, there’s always tomorrow.

. . . you need to sew some stuff, do some laundry, and clean, but tomorrow.

. . . you need to practice your chorus music, tomorrow.

. . . you want to finish the project you started which is now all over the dining room and kitchen tables, but, you know.

. . . you review a book about rock and roll, and you are halfway through it, and now you don’t know any of the bands the author is talking about.

. . . you need to write the book review, but the news will be on in twenty minutes.

. . . you need to  look at Facebook, but no, don’t look at it! It’s a time sucker.

. . . you need to take a nap, like your friends do. That’s a good idea. I think I’ll try it. I’ll just start reading that history of rock and roll book, and since I don’t know the bands, it will put me to sleep.

I might miss the news.

Oh, well.  It will come on again at 10:00.

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