Moon Over Lafayette


Trudy worked at an engineering firm. Joe was the visiting copy machine repair man, or as her office mates called him, the Xerox guy.
One day Trudy had to make copies. Joe was at the machine, repairing away.
“Oh,” she said. “No copies for me!”
“Hey there,” Joe said. “We should catch dinner sometime.”
“How about tonight? I know a great little Mexican place, El Charro, in Lafayette.”
“I’ll meet you there at 6:00,” Joe said.
Joe gave Trudy the address, and she showed up on time, right after work.
The first round of margaritas was fun. Joe was his silly self, cracking jokes and flirting.
After they ate dinner and drank a second round of margaritas, Trudy was still laughing.
By the third round of margaritas, Joe thought he was getting funnier, but in reality, he was not.
“You should dare me to get up on this table and pull down my pants,” Joe said, “and moon this crowd.”
“No way,” Trudy said.
“Come on, I dare you,” Joe said.
You’re daring me to dare you? This date is getting weird.
“I’ll do it!” he said.
And you don’t hold your liquor very well. I expected more from a Xerox man.
“Come on!” he said.
“I have to get up early tomorrow,” said Trudy.
Joe walked her to her car and tried for a good-night kiss.
No way, Jose!

Couldda Woulda Shouldda
If Trudy would’ve given Mooning Xerox Man another chance, she would’ve found that he was so nervous around her, he had to get drunk to cope. He knew he had blown it and would promise to never dare her again. She would come to like him for his ability to fix anything and for his big personality. She would buy him belts and suspenders for gifts so that he would be reminded to keep his pants up at all social events.

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