Off the Power Grid

The power is out.  I was in the middle of a movie when everything shut off.  Soon my neighbors were texting me, asking me to report the outage to PG& E. The more the better, they said.

A few minutes after that, I received a robocall. The outage was affecting 5000 customers. The power also went out a few nights ago, when temperatures were near 100 degrees, and too many air conditioners put a strain on the overworked power grid.

Today was a cool 92 degreess. But it’s Father’s Day, so lots of extra appliances were running in honor of dads. Well, maybe.

I’d just gotten home from a day of dancing to a Beatles band. They ran over their three-hour scheduled time, but Connie and I were ready to call it. My rule is to stop eating by 6:00 p.m.  If I hurried, I could squeeze in my Cinnabon toast as soon as I got home.

I sat down to a silly movie, with plans to post photos of the day’s events on Facebook. I took a bunch of photos with my little Nikon camera. It’s easy to plug it right into the computer and donwload the photos. We passed the camera around the table so that everyone would get a photo, all of us women except for one widower boyfriend.

It seems that many of my girlfriends have ended up with widowers. But I digress.

Back to no power. I was going to run the full dishwasher. Nope.

I was going to check my Facebook. I know, I know, why not do it from my phone? Because it’s just too small. I need my big screen to do stuff like that. Plus, what’s my password? I have no idea.

I found a flashlight and brushed, flossed and put on my p.j.s. I could do a load of dog laundry? Nope.

I could listen to Youtube? Nope.

Work on my co-writer’s story? Nope, Again, the phone screen is too small.

Post a blog post? Nope.

I filled up the backyard fountain.  I opened up all the windows and let in the cool breezes once the sun set.  I put the day’s dishes in a dishpan and added hot water and dish soap to soak them. Too dark to wash them, even though it’s the longest day of the year.

I checked out my paper calendar for next week‘s highlights. A good band on Friday evening. My oldest child passing through the Bay Area on her way to a wedding.  A massage on Tuesday.  A barbecue Tuesday evening.

Retirement stuff. The widower asked me today what I do to keep busy in retirement.

There’s my sister to see every day and to take a stroll with in the yard, two dogs to walk, houses to maintain, yards to tend to. Plus, writing, dancing, and spending time with other family members, like my adult kids. Girlfriends to do things with, but that’s getting harder since I don’t drink and can’t eat after six.

You never realize how much of your social life revolves around eating and drinking until you can’t do either.

At least chorus is starting back up soon, in August. Nice, talented, fun people.  It’s been a long sixteen months with no rehearsals and zero performances.

I practiced my singing today, since I know the words to almost all of the Beatles’ songs.

I wrote this post by flashlight.  Still no power. No Bob’s Burgers for me. No news at 10:00.

Might as well go to bed.

Good night.

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