A Victoria’s Secret Box with Dinner


Saundra met Duke online on Match.  They agreed to meet at Scott’s Seafood restaurant for dinner.  When she got there, he was already seated and waved her over.  As she approached the table she noticed a dozen lavender roses in a vase.

She remembered that Duke had asked her favorite color.

As she sat down Saundra noticed a Victoria’s Secret box.  Duke told her to open it. It was lingerie, a black teddy.

Saundra thought it was all a bit much for a first date. As the conversation continued, Duke suggested they go to Reno together.

“I don’t even know you!” said Saundra.

Duke talked about his family’s money and how it owned part of an NFL team.  He kept putting his hands on her as they talked.

Saundra ordered a big dinner off the menu.  She listened to Duke go on and on about how wealthy he was. After dessert, she was ready to take her flowers and get out of there.

Duke stood up for the first time that evening. He was only five feet tall — five inches shorter than she was.

“It was nice meeting you,” Saundra said, scooping up the lingerie box.

As she hurried to the parking lot, she got into her car and took a breath. What had just happened? She watched Duke climb into a fifteen year old Honda Accord. What about the family money?

Then she remembered Reno. Had he gambled it all away?

When Duke called her for a second date, Saundra made up something to get out of it. She wasn’t good at telling guys that she wasn’t interested.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda

Saundra had every right to take the roses that would only last for a few days. She should’ve refused the lingerie since she had no intention of wearing it for Duke.

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