Checking Out the Guy Checking You Out


First of all, let’s just get this out in the open. It is weird to be a woman of a certain age and to be hit on while waiting for a BART train. As in Bay Area Rapid Transit.

He was sitting down when I came up to the platform. I sat down next to him, and one of us struck up a conversation. I can’t remember. It was over a week ago. At any rate, he was headed to a Giants game (thus the Giants jersey) and I was waiting for two girlfriends to go see Hamilton.  Then he mentioned he was from Massachusetts, and I have two daughters living there. Our five minutes conversation flew by. Meanwhile, one of my friends showed up, his train came, he handed me a card and said, “Let’s get together.”

After he boarded the train, the doors shut, and I looked at my girlfriend, we both laughed. I had just been  hit on while being 64.

Then I looked at the card. It was smooth, just his name, phone number, and email address. No business mentioned. No occupation mentioned.  No artwork.  How many cards did the man hand out in one day?

Was he playing the odds? Or just playing me?

Did I call him?  No, I did not. The whole thing seemed a little too slick.

Here I am tonight trying to find the man online. I put in the town where we met and his name. A whole bunch of other guys have the same name – 64 to be exact, on LinkedIn. But they live all over the country. I couldn’t find a photo that matched up.

I tried Intelius, put in his name and guestimated his age. No matches. Now I was really curious. I tried Facebook. No matches. Lots of guys with the same name but no one matched by photo.

WTF? Was this so made-up that his name was fake?

Come to think of it, the whole thing a week later seems surreal. I would wonder if it even happened except that my girlfriend was a witness.  Do I email the guy and see what gives?

Do I pretend I never met him?

I didn’t have my big ring on my left hand that day. I’d taken it off and left it at home since I was going to San Francisco on the dicey BART train.

I had on a new (to me) top that was pretty tight, showing off my recent weight loss. Was that why he hit on me? Because of the top or because of the no ring? Or both? He was probably my same age. We never stood up at the same time. I might be taller.

Do I take a chance and see what happens? Somehow that seems like a bad idea.

I liked the old days when you gave a guy your number and he called you and you went on a date to see if there was any chemistry.  There was definitely chemistry on the BART platform bench last Wednesday, but was it legitimate chemistry or was it a scam?

The slick business card with no business on it seems fishy to me.

What do you all think, readers? What should I do?

Couldd Wouldda Didda

I texted him. We met for three dates.  It was going so well, but we never got past the friend thing. I invited him for a 4th date, and he was Grumpy McGrumperson. I’m not sure why he went out with me that 4th time, but we both knew when he got out of my car, that we were done.


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