What are your Intentions?


David Rivers was a sophomore at Pinole High School when he invited his fellow classmate, Violet, to his school dance. She said yes, and he told her he’d pick her up at 7:00.
When David got to Violet’s house, she wasn’t ready. Violet’s father led David to the question couch, where he grilled him for the next ten minutes.
“Where do you go to school?”
“Same as Violet.”
“What grade are you in?”
“Same as Violet.”
Most sophomores don’t drive. Why are you driving?”
“Early birthday.”
“Do you have an after-school job?”
“What is your favorite class?”
“Do you do sports?”
“Yep. Basketball and baseball.”
“What do your parents do?”
“They work.”
“Did you buy that car yourself?”
David looked out at his black ’68 Camaro with the wide tires. No, he’d had some help buying that car.
Then the big question.
Violet’s dad leaned over and asked, “What are your intentions with my daughter?”
David was sick of questions, quick on his feet, and a bit of a smart ass.
“My intentions are to have as much as fun as possible with your daughter,” David said.
Then he looked directly into the dad’s eyes.
The next thing he knew, David was escorted out of Violet’s house.
David went to the dance stag and had a fine time. Violet did not go to the dance.
Violet saw David at school on Monday and apologized about her father.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda
If David would’ve sucked up and answered the intentions question politely, he would’ve taken Violet to the dance, dated her the rest of high school, proposed on graduation night, married her the following summer, had a bunch of daughters, and asked the same question when the oldest daughter had her first date with a boy.

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