Daisy’s Debut with Diamonds

Two things you need to know:  1. Daisy is a rescue dog.  2.  The diamonds are really rhinestones on her new collar.

Yes, I have become one of those dog owners, making my little dog cute for the world to see. Who doesn’t need a little bling in her life? Even if you happen to be of the wet-nosed variety?

Daisy hadn’t been out of the house in the last two weeks, except to run in the park. It’s hard to see rhinestones on a running dog, especially a running Jack Russell terrier.

Today I took Daisy to the Lafayette Reservoir, her first time ever. Please don’t tell Pepper, my younger lab mix, because she wasn’t invited. I’ve taken Pepper before, and she gets all barky with dogs coming from the other direction.

I know, I know, she needs to be trained. But one dog at a time, please.

Daisy had a barking attack last night at 10:30 p.m. when a rat ran by the family room sliding glass door. Once Daisy is focused on a rat, it’s hard to get her back inside, even if it’s raining. Just ask my neighbors.

The summer of 2019 is also known as Rat Summer around here. Yes, I did everything the rat guy from Contra Costa County told me to do, and I learned three things:

  1. Birds don’t like thistle any more than rats do. They want their sunflower seeds back.
  2. Pouring cement around the shed does not eliminate all the rats. But it did take care of that new litter back in July.
  3. Guys who work at Contra Costa Vector Control sure are cute, at least the ones named Dave.

But I digress.

Back to Daisy. I finally got her to come in the house last night by using my old trick:  a strobe light flashlight to get her attention, and a loud pan thrown on the brick patio to scare her and to get her to run inside. It works every time, eventually.

As we walked the reservoir counter-clockwise today, because she wouldn’t go anywhere near the operational back hoe in the clockwise direction, everyone either smiled (women) or looked disgusted (men) when they saw my cute little girl in her purple harness and turquoise rhinestone collar (thrift store – $3.00) pulling me up the hills with her mush-dog body movements. By the time we got to the backhoe, the guys had taken their union coffee break, and we passed with ease.

Daisy touched noses with a few dogs and didn’t bark once.  We have a long way to go, Daisy Girl, on how to heel, but you’ll be stylin’ while we do it.

At least I don’t put you in little outfits or push you in your own stroller.

I’m not there, yet. Give me a few more years.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda

I should’ve stretched before the dog-sled walk, with me as the dog sled. Soreness abounds this morning.

Also, I realized this morning as I worked on my Beatles book, I should have called this post Daisy at the Rez with Diamonds.

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