A Rainy Day Blog Post

First of all, heavy rain in California in mid-May is highly unusual. Yes, we’ve had rain and some Memorial Day parties dampened, but this rain is heavy, and that’s just weird.

The dogs aren’t tired. They got no walk. Sorry, girls.  It’s a good night to read a book, or watch the final episode of the Big Bang Theory. I think I will do both. I just got the book The Honey Bus, and it is teaching me a lot about bees, as well as showing me the interesting life of another person. I love memoirs.

It was a good day to clean the office (I actually found the floor). The office is where I dumped all kinds of things during those three months that I had a contractor in the living space in my house, with his loud radio station and his whirring machinery. The dogs and I hid in the office, and that’s where the mail went, the random purchases, anything that I couldn’t put away without tripping over a toolbox.

Pee–yoo! One of the girls is farting. Dogs don’t like to poop in the rain.

Back to my story.

Today I commented on an NBC news Facebook post about a school shooting drill where the pretend shooter looked like he had on a Middle-Eastern style head scarf thing. I commented that the school shooters have all been angry white guys under the age of thirty, not Muslims. Long story short, a guy got into it about how the Muslims have killed 3000 Americans (9-11, which was slightly off topic). Anyway, after a couple of exchanges, I decided to walk away and not get sucked into another argument that would end badly.

When I came back to Facebook an hour or so later, the guy had been kicked off the post, and I had 52 likes next to my last comment. Apparently he had called me a few choice names, and someone had turned him in, and he got blocked. My last comment was: “I am an informed person, and I do not hate groups of people based on their religion or skin color.”

So that’s my new MO with arguments. I stick to the facts, do not get angry, just state my case and then let it simmer out there in cyberspace while I live my life.  The sad reality is that many people get their news from Facebook or other online sources, which is not always reliable. I prefer the network stations for national news. They pride themselves on staying neutral and reporting the facts only. Think Walter Cronkite.  Remember him?

I also read at least eight newspapers a week, which makes me a dinosaur, but newspapers are also relatively neutral and objective. They report facts and repeat what others have to say about it. Yes, the editorial page is opinionated, but the rest, not so much.

And now for a funny part of my day. I told a friend at Pet Food Express today (she works there), where I went to buy the little Coprophagia chews to give to my dogs so that the big one won’t eat the little one’s poop or her own poop, how I couldn’t hear and no one could hear me when I talked on my replacement phone that I got in the mail.

My son said to put it on speaker phone. That wasn’t really a fix, but I managed to use it that way for two weeks. When I finally went on the Asurion phone insurance website and worked my way through the screens until they gave me their phone number, and then I called and got a live human, this is what she said to me:

“Did you take off the sheet of plastic on the front of the phone?”

“Uh, no,” I said. “I thought it was the screen protector.”

“It’s a generic one,” she said. “It’s temporary until you can buy the correct size.”

I took off the sheet of plastic, and guess what? My phone works just fine. Now I can hear people. The plastic was blocking the speaker.

Oh, gotta go. Time for The Big Bang Theory.


The Honey Bus will have to wait.

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Day Blog Post

  1. Facebook arguments are ridiculous and not worth the time. I’m sure The Big Bang Theory will hit DVD soon, so I will finish watching it, then.

    Liked by 1 person

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