Style Trends that Don’t Last

Most days I don’t have to think too hard to come up with a blog post topic. Today was no exception. It is why some styles don’t last long.

Jumpsuits came back into style for a short while, but jumpsuits are impractical.

  1. Jumpsuits are a pain in the butt when you need to go to the bathroom. Have you ever dunked the sleeve of your jump suit into the toilet water? I have, on an airplane, and it’s not fun to put that wet sleeve back on.
  2. Wearing a jumpsuit is not like wearing layers. You can’t take off part of a jump suit and still be seen in public.
  3. Jumpsuits are hard to unzip, especially if you live with dogs instead of people. Neither one of my furry housemates has mastered zippers. I had to knock on my neighbor’s door and ask to be unzipped (a tad bit embarrassing).
  4. Jumpsuits might look good, but you can’t really change them up like you can separate pieces. The jumpsuit looks the same from wearing to wearing.

Moving on, who remembers paper dresses? They were all the rage in the 60’s.  They didn’t last long for obvious reasons. I saw one at an estate sale that had never been worn. Nevertheless, the paper hadn’t aged well, and the whole thing was a fragile proposition. I did not buy it. It looked like a throwaway tablecloth with years of dust on it.

Remember wooden clogs? I have a friend who wears them. But for me, sliding down some wooden steps in the rain in my clogs and landing on my tailbone was enough reason to stop wearing them. Plus they hurt my feet. Those wooden insoles! Little did I know back then that I had flat feet. All I knew was that after I took off those clogs, my feet ached for a long time.

Ruffles? Ruffles were all the rage five years ago, but cotton shirts with ruffles have to be ironed, and most people don’t bother with ironing. I bought a bunch of them that were donated to thrift stores, complete with wrinkled ruffles.

Remember big sleeve cuffs?  With four or more buttons? Those were very 70’s, but who wants a cuff that big? Especially made out of polyester?

Tutrtleneck dickies, anyone? Only Howard Wallowitz still wears them on the Big Bang Theory. Dickies are fake, meant to look like a real turtleneck, but it’s just a collar and a piece of fabric in the front and another one in the back to go under a sweater to give the illusion of a turtleneck.

I am sure there are some other men’s fashions that are no good, but I can’t name them. Can you?

I am short thirty five words to get to 500 for the day.

Leisure suits?

Cuffed pants?


Go Go boots?

Platform shoes?

Gold chains for men?

Disco anything?

Crocheted vests?

Five more words . . .

Now two.





One thought on “Style Trends that Don’t Last

  1. I think when you’re an adult, trends don’t matter much anymore. That’s one thing I love about my church! It’s “Come As You Are” and I wear what I like and what I am comfortable in.

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