H is for Hair Dye

One of the guys in the meet-up dancing group just dyed his hair brown. He is in his sixties and used to be sort of blond and gray. He still has a full head of hair, so he is way ahead of most guys his age.

But brown hair?  When it’s all one color like that, it looks so fake. Yes, we women dye our hair, but women’s hair tends to be longer, so there are streaks of different colors that happen naturally over time with sunshine.

How do you tell a friend not to dye his hair? It seems so hypocritical when I dye mine.  People in California dye their hair up to the day they die. It’s just what we do. I visited a friend in the hospital the other day, and she had done her hair and mani-pedi before her neck surgery. Now that’s a California girl.

About a decade ago, when I first became a blonde, I flew to Iowa to see my relatives. My older sister and I went to the fair with my three kids. The kids headed off to the midway to ride on the rides, and Sis and I went to the Budweiser tent to see an oldie but goody group, the Buckinghams.

If you were alive in the 60’s you’d know their most famous song, Kind of a Drag, “when your baby don’t love you.” They sang Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.   “My baby when she walks by, All the fellows go, ooooooo, and I know why, it’s simply ’cause that girl she looks so fine, And if she ever leaves me, I would lose my mind.”  They also have one called Susan, “looks like I’m losing, I’m losing my mind, I’m wasting my time.” At any rate, we wanted to hear them.

We got to the tent early and staked out seats in the front row. Sis and I had plenty of time to catch up while we waited for the show to begin. Right before show time, I turned around and saw a sea of gray-haired people with glasses. I was definitely in Iowa. I am sure I scared a few people when the young blond woman turned out to be in her mid-fifties! That was my summer of going back to contact lenses, too, so no glasses (I gave up contacts shortly thereafter – too much bother).

What is my point? When in Rome . . . do as the Romans do.  When in California, dye your hair, like every other senior citizen living here.

Just don’t dye it brown, especially if you’re a guy. It looks like a helmet of unnaturalness. Keep it light, especially if you are a WASP with green eyes. Or go gray. Most men look good with their gray hair.  It’s not fair. Women fade away while men become distinguished.

The peacock and the pea hen. But that’s a whole other blog post.


3 thoughts on “H is for Hair Dye

  1. OK, so I am a wasp with green eyes. And, by the way the guy you were talking about is in his 70s, not 60s. So, I guess, the dyed look is working for him.😏


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