G is for Girlfriends

The older we women get, the more important our girlfriends become to us.  Our men leave us, either by divorce, illness, or death.  There are nine women in every assisted living place for every guy.  On the dance floor, there seem to be fifteen dancing women for every dancing guy.

The other day I went to aerobics class at the senior center (seniors being anyone 55 and up). The sub had a sub, so instead of dancing with Yuko and her intricately choreographed dances  routines, we had another woman, who not only had loosely choreographed routines, but also had trouble keeping her moves crisp.  Hey, I was already there. What are you going to do?

“It’s raining outside, ladies,” she said, “but in here it’s raining men.”

The 90’s hit came on, and we did a sloppy routine of rain drops falling down upon us as we marched forward and backward. I looked around the room and counted eighteen women and two guys.  The men had troubled with the simple choreography. The women followed easily. The whole thing got me laughing as I thought of what a funny YouTube video the scene would make.  Needless to say, it is NOT raining men in aerobics classes for seniors.

Last night at a dancing venue I looked onto the dance floor and saw a sea of women dancing with each other. Many of the men were at the bar, standing around. My friends and I were sharing four bar stools, and we sat facing the band. This is reality for us women now. I had been a regular at this night club ten years before, right after my divorce. Now here we sat, ten years older, watching the younger women in a lot less clothing than we had on, getting funky while the DJ played songs during the band’s break..

Some young guys danced with me, and one bonafide weirdo who had some moves. A bunch of older men paid attention, one who felt the need to kiss me on the cheek as he walked past my bar stool – four times, but none of them were viable partner material.

Today my girlfriend is getting married. She snagged herself a guy for a second chance at a happy marriage. I am glad for her. She deserves it.

I will work harder at being a good friend to my girlfriends. Sometimes I get caught up in my own life, with my kids, my sister, my needy dogs, and there’s not much room for my gal pals.

I need to make room. They are ones who will be sitting in the rocking chairs next to mine.



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