B is for Boots

A spring wedding means pastel colors and floral prints, right?  But what if it’s still raining on the wedding day? And what if you have to walk up to the altar, turn to face the crowd,  and then need to read a poem without tripping or falling over? For me, that means wearing the shoes with the lowest heels I have. That means wearing boots.

Black boots at a spring wedding?  Not so great.  I decided to buy a floral dress with a black background so that my boots would blend in. I ordered three styles at http://www.Macys.com and have now received them all. They have flowers and black backgrounds, but otherwise they are very different. One is long in the back and shorter in the front with ruffles, Boho cute. Another is polyester with orange and green flowers here and there on the mostly black background. It has some funky metal stuff going on that I don’t love. The third one is a wrap dress in polyester with pale blue flowers and knee length.

The long one is the cutest one but also cotton and kind of casual for a wedding. It might be better for the rehearsal dinner. The metallic one is going to lose because of the weird metal rings at the neckline. I removed the chain and used a ribbon to hold the neckline together at a 90th birthday party but didn’t love it.

I just found out one of my fave bands is playing later in the evening after the rehearsal dinner (Pride and Joy), so I might head on over to the venue in my Boho dress and get a few dances in. The wedding will have no dancing and no cake either. When you’re getting married in your sixties you can break all those stuffy wedding rules and do whatever.

It’s hard to get excited about black boots in April, but I will feel stable in them, and who wants to trip right before or after reading a Victorian poem? I do not.

Maybe B is not just for boots. Maybe it’s also for little Black dress and Boogie time with your Buddies. And Elizabeth Barrett Browning. How well did she write Victorian poetry?

Let me count the ways.

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