Queen Victoria, The Cat


Renee, an artist, already had three cats. She wasn’t looking for another. So when her daughter-in-law called and said, “Mom, you need to adopt this kitten,” Renee was thinking, No way, Renee.
But then she heard the kitty’s story, and she had to reconsider.
Renee’s son Brian and his wife were moving to Tennessee from California when they stopped at a rest stop and found a skinny cat up against the chain length fence that separated the rest stop from the freeway. The animal was about three months old and weighed three pounds. Had someone left the cat behind? Or put it there on purpose?
Sally scooped it up and fed it bits of cheese from her cheese stick and got it a drink of water in a fast food cup that Brian tore down to cat-head size. They couldn’t leave it there at the rest stop.
Their Siberian Husky was not a fan of the new pet. The dog broke down the bathroom door to get to the little thing one day when Brian and Sally were out. When they got home, they knew the cat had to go.
That’s where Renee came in. Brain and Sally knew that his mom was a soft touch when it came to rescues. Sally made the phone call.
“Mom, we have a wonderful little cat for you to adopt.”
“No thanks, I already have three,” Renee said.
When Sally poured out the story of the kitten and the fence and the cup and the cheese, Renee reconsidered.
“Well, two of my cats are pretty old . . .”
“This one is so cute!” Sally said.
“And I do have some frequent flyer miles built up.”
“I will bring her to you!”
“And I would hate to see it go to a shelter. . . “
“Thanks, Mom!”
United Airlines charged $100 to fly the cat, and Sally flew for free with the frequent flyer miles.
Flash forward a few years. The other three pets have gone to cat heaven, and Queen Victoria now weighs eight pounds and is the number one girl in Renee’s life. She even sleeps in Renee’s bed.
Queen Victoria, a cat from Nashville.

“Nashville cats, play clean as country water,
Nashville cats, play wild as mountain dew.
Nashville cats, been playin’ since they’s babies,
Nashville cats, get work before they’re two.”

– The Lovin’ Spoonful

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