Daisy the Rescue Dog, Month # 12

We’ve been through a lot together: chewed up leashes, broken chairs, too-small-harnesses, failing out of manners class, and me building a gate that you cannot jump.

Daisy, you have cost me lots of money. You have been put in your place and punctured when you would not acquiesce to the bigger dog over a ball fight.  I have nursed your wounds with Neosporin and a lecture about being Beta to the Labrador mix.

The vet says the dogs can be Alpha for some situations and not others. Daisy, you are Alpha when it comes to laps. But if there is food involved, or a ball, you have to be second in line to Pepper.

“I was here first,” Pepper says.

“I am bigger than you are,” she adds.

“I will put up with your BS unless it involves food. Then forget about it!”

“And tennis balls, don’t get me started!”

Daisy, were you dropped on your head when you were young? Why do you fight a dog that weighs three times what you do?

Well, used to, anyway. You have gotten fat in the past few months. You are rounder than before. I need to cut down on your treats.

My kids were here for Thanksgiving. They say you have mellowed out some. Maybe. They say you don’t look like a Jack Russell. Maybe you do have a little bit of something else in you.

The National Dog Show was won by a whippet named Whiskey this week. You have a similar face to Whiskey. Maybe that explains why you are taller than your average Jack Russell terrier.

Maybe you are part Whippet.

You have blended into the family for the most part. Every morning you and Pepper run down the hall together, playing and biting each other as you celebrate the coming of breakfast.

You find your bed after that and wait for me to get my stuff done before your daily walk. It’s too wet for ball throwing. You’d skin your elbows on the damp grass.

Maybe the Quiet Moments treats I bought at Pet Food Express are helping.

Maybe having a stable home is helping.  After all I am your third owner in four years. Maybe you will stop being such a Velcro dog.

Maybe not.

Either way, you have insinuated yourself into my life, and now you are part of my cozy little family.

As long as the balls are put away, and the food bowls are far apart.






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