My Autumn Travels

I am in India, then Hawaii, then Europe, then Mexico.  I have seen monkeys and camels, but no tigers. I have seen the Taj Mahal.  I am having the dead skin on my feet bitten by little fishes. Then I am touring a castle in Germany or visiting a beach town in Italy.  I can flip back and forth from  trip to trip with the click of my mouse. I am traveling with my friends on Facebook from my armchair. Thank you, Maureen, Rand, Lorraine, Diane, Susan, and Karl.

I have been invited (for real) to Tahoe, France, San Francisco, and the East Coast. But here’s the thing, I have a sister in frail health, and I am her DPOA (in charge of her everything). I can’t go anywhere that is farther than two hours away and only for two days. She needs me to visit her, read her the paper, and talk to her.  A short visit a day is all she needs to make it through another one.

When I come over, the caregiver man asks for the sports page. It is now my habit to have it in my hand for him and then two other residents to read. The house is mostly men.  For Sis I bring pudding, hangers or a letter from an Iowa friend.

Twice a month I show up with flowers from Costco. They are the best price for what you get, and they last a long time.  Today I had to add more water to the vase since I’ve been gone for two days. I had two papers to read and two Halloween Beanie Babies to present.

There is no internet where I went, so I have lots of Facebook posts to catch up on. Actually a lot of it is the same posts over and over, things having to do with the upcoming election, our president, and how he wants to outlaw protests. As my friend Victoria would say, YCMTSU. You can’t make this s**t up.

Lots of comparisons are being made between our president and Hitler and his propaganda guy, Joseph Goebbels. I know a bit about him since I used to teach 8th grade English, and the required reader had excerpts from Anne Frank’s Diary in it. Soon the last of the Holocaust survivors will be gone. There are already groups that don’t believe it ever happened. Hey, I’ve been to Dachau. I’ve stared into the ovens.

I used to travel when I was young and single. I saw a bunch of countries and lots of cool sights/sites.  I’ve gotten it out of my system, I guess. My stomach doesn’t do well traveling, and it’s worse now than it used to be.

As a young adult I’ve been to Caracas, Bogotá, Quito, Lima, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Mexico City, Acapulco, Teotihuacán, Tijuana, Rosarita, Barcelona, Granada, Córdoba, Toledo, Madrid, Burgos, Sevilla, Segovia, Paris, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Bern, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Morocco, Vancouver, and lots of other places I can’t remember at the moment.

I watch my retired friends take trip after trip.  I am not jealous. I am not envious. I don’t want to travel. Been there, done that.  Maybe someday the bug will bite me again. Right now I’d rather pile the dogs into the car and head to Monterey, where I can write, shop, do some yard work, and see the waves crash against the rocks.

I can read, watch dumb TV, eat junk, and get away from Facebook.  When I return, I get back online and go to China, Croatia, and Singapore from the comfort of my favorite chair.

And the best part is, it’s free.

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