Why Not to Discuss Politics and Religion

Steve was a grad student at UCLA while he worked for Chrysler. His roommates fixed him up on a date with a Persian beauty named Mahvash.
It was love at first sight for Steve. Mahvash had long dark hair and wore a gorgeous gown that really turned him on. They went to dinner and afterward, Steve invited her up to his place to have a drink. The conversation turned to politics, more specifically the Shah of Iran, who, after 38 years as Iran’s leader, had left his own country when the majority favored the more Islamic- centered Ayatollah Khomeini as their new leader.
Steve knew the Shah was gravely ill with lymphatic cancer and told Mahvash that the U. S. should take him in. At that moment in time, the Shah was persona non grata and was flying around the world waiting for asylum somewhere.
Mahvash didn’t agree at all. She was an art history student and had strong opinions about how the Shah had run her country. The argument escalated until she picked up Steve’s golf clubs and threw them in the street.
How could a smaller woman do that to a guy who is 6 foot, three? Maybe he had turned his back on her long enough to freshen her drink. At any rate, when he saw what she had done, he let loose a series of curse words. His golf clubs were trashed. Steve drove Mahvash home, while she cursed him in Farsi, and he tried not to explode. That was the angriest he has ever been in his lifetime.
Needless to say, neither of them wanted to see the other one ever again.

Couldda Wouldda Shouldda
If Steve would’ve steered away from politics, they might have had a second date, but eventually her temper would have come out. Steve dodged a bullet by finding out in the beginning how passionate Mahvash was and how she dealt with her anger. Unfortunately for his golf clubs, the bullet hit the bullseye in the middle of the street.

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