Lady Doritos

PepsiCo, have you been paying attention? This is the year of #metoo, #timesup and the second year of the Women’s March. This is the worst time to be introducing girly snacks , when the whole point of the aforementioned movements is to treat women THE SAME as men are treated.
Men don’t get raped (well, mostly).
Men don’t get less pay or fewer opportunities than women (usually).
Men don’t get called “best male athlete” or told “pretty good for a guy.”
Men don’t get marketed their own Doritos. They buy regular Doritos. Women want regular Doritos, too. That’s what we’ve been saying the past two years.
Did a woman think of this? Are the marketing people at PepsiCo women?
I’m thinking not. I’m thinking that this was not tested on a large group of women before it was unveiled. A large group of men approved of this idea. They are married, they told their wives, their wives rolled their eyes at them.
This is like making pink Easy Bake Ovens in the 60’s. Or pink Legos in the 90’s. Or tools with pink handles on them (full disclosure – I have them, and men never mistake them for their own).
This is like telling girls to be polite and telling boys not to cry. This is like saying a girl can’t make noise when she eats an unhealthy snack. She has to be quiet and discreet.
This is like Secret deodorant or pink razors.
This is a snack to fit in a woman’s purse. Doritos in your purse? How many women can say they have a bag of salty treats in their purse? Have they ever? Will they now?
I can think of some products that could be marketed for men. How about a manly vacuum cleaner with flames on it?
How about an ironing board covered with women in bikinis?
How about pots and pans with Nascar drivers on them?
Blue Pepto Bismol “For Men Only. Because men have more masculine indigestion.”
You get the point. Why can’t men and women enjoy gender-neutral junk food like regular Doritos? Why do we have to be put into two categories when it comes to eating something really bad for us?
Why? Why? Why?
On the other hand, would a man steal your Lady Doritos? That depends.
Do they come in a pink bag? Would you keep them in your toolbox?
In that case, maybe it would be a good idea.

4 thoughts on “Lady Doritos

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