Parking Lot Pick-up

Ann and her friend, Laura, were bored. It was Saturday night, and they’d been at their all-girls’ college, Holy Names, for a whole week. It was time to find some guys, to find a party.
They pulled into Berkeley and headed for Fraternity Row. Laura spotted someone she had dated before and rolled down the window.
“Need a ride, Dick?” she called to the guy on the sidewalk.
“Sure!” he said.
Dick jumped in the backseat, and Laura joined him. Ann drove over to Bowles Men’s Hall parking lot, and a water balloon came down on her father’s blue Studebaker.
Then out strutted a guy who said, “Hey you can’t park here!”
“Hold your horses!”” Ann said. “We’re just dropping off a guy who lives here.”
“Oh?” he said. “It’s my job to keep out the riff raff.”
Ann chatted with the guy, and he asked her where she went to college.
“Holy Dames? I went to Notre Dame high school in L.A.,” he said.
He had revealed that he was of the same faith.
“Hey, whatcha doing in fifteen minutes?” he asked her. “That’s when I get off parking lot duty.”
Suddenly the girls had dates, and the foursome decided to head down to the Bear’s Lair for pizza, beer, and music. There was just one problem when they got there. No one had any money. So they sat on a bench outside. Once the Dixieland Band started playing, they got up to dance right there in front of the place. Soon the band came out the door and encircled the foursome.
After that, Ann drove the guys back to Bowles Hall.
“Hey, do you want to go see Tom Jones with me next weekend?” Burt asked her.
“Sure,” said Ann.
One thing led to another, and eighteen months later, they were married.

Couldda Wouldda Didda
It’s been fifty-one years, and it all started with the parking lot pick-up.

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